Exclusive Double Rooms

A cozy Exclusive Double Rooms of your choice makes an experience to never forget

Through our exclusive double rooms we distinguish ourselves from the other hotels in Delft, and providing a unique experience

Not two of our rooms are the same. Every Exclusive Room has a theme that is based on the natural surrounding of a specific plant or three. The culture that you find there is the inspiration for that room.

You will find themes from all over the globe and every continent.

Garden of Eden

The pride of our hotel! This spacious Exclusive Double Rooms has been equipped with an extra large round bed, a wonderful Jacuzzi with underwater color therapy and a sun shower.

  • Vaarboom

    In our newest Exclusive Double Room, you will find yourself in a typical Dutch port landscape. The murals will show you some elements from different Dutch ports.

  • French Oak

    Mediteranean murals in soft, soothing tones adorn this room. Immediately at arrival you feel the tranquility of the French countryside.

  • Amber

    In this Exclusive Double Room you find yourself in eastern atmospheres. The room is completely decorated in Eastern style, including original and interesting eastern accessories.

  • Tamarinde

    This is a tropical tree that can be found in Indonesia. During your stay in the Tamarind you find yourself on a deserted island, somewhere far away in a beautiful deep blue ocean.
  • Blue Spar

    This Exclusive Double Room, which is made in cooperation with ‘the Porceleyne Fles’, is connected to the rich history of our town Delft.This theme room, which is made in cooperation with ‘the Porceleyne Fles’, is connected to the rich history of our town Delft.

  • Saguaro

    The Saguaro is a real recommendation for everyone who likes cheerful colours. You are surrounded by the Mexican theme in the smallest details; Mexican murals, draperies and sombrero’s.

  • Date Palm

    You are immediately impressed by the mystical atmosphere in this Exclusive Double Room. Egyptian symbols, hieroglyphs and images of gods and goddesses surround you in the entire room.

  • White Mulberrytree

    In this Exclusive Double Room, the entire decoration is based on impressive China. The signs on the door and the unique sculptures and paintings make you believe that you are in a Chinese temple.

  • Baobab

    This Exclusive Double Room is all about Africa. Lions, elephants and traditional African clothing can be found here.

  • Eucalyptus

    Have you ever wanted to go Australia? Now is your chance, in our Eucalyptus Exclusive Double Room. The atmosphere of the Australian Aboriginals is brought to life in this unique Exclusive Double Room.

  • Giant Kelp

    In our room ‘the Giant kelp’ you find yourself in the deep blue depths of the endless ocean, in the amazing underwater world of Atlantis. You will sleep among the many fish and beautiful sea plants on the walls. The room is divided by a small wall with a luxurious bathroom, including a wonderful corner bath. There is also a separate sun shower for a quick tan and a television. The double bed is provided with electrically individual adjustable beds.

  • Mangrove

    Once you open the door you will find yourself in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Watch out for the seven meter long anaconda above your bed! On the wooden platform you will find the bath where you can enjoy the beautiful views together.

We do it for the environment, but the recognition is nice!

If you make conscious choices to be a hotel as green as possible, you do it from an ideological point of view. Hotel de Plataan is self-conscious of our duty to make a green fee. We do this for ourselves, but the recognition we see as a compliment and as motivation to improve this even further.