Our origin

There once were an architect and a nurse with a children’s wish. The three spare rooms in their house were used as boarding rooms and although they wanted children quite badly, they did not want to give up their boarding rooms. De solution was to go look for a larger building that would free up room for kids ánd a pension.

After having looked around a while, PTT Telecom, more commonly known as KPN, offered a house. It was a large building located at the Doelenplein, in the middle of the centre of Delft. It was perfect because of its size, the central location and the great atmosphere in the neighborhood. When the financing was dealt with, Hans and Marja were able to start their new life as Hotel owners. Hans started with making a design and writing out the specifications. At that moment, pregnant Marja was keeping herself busy with the natural decoration of the hotel and the setting up of internal affairs. With the help of friends and family they opened Hotel de Plataan after three months of rebuilding in June 1994.

The floor where the workshop, 3 conference/meeting rooms and the office are now located, was still rented out to other companies at this point in time. On the ground floor the restaurant was rented out to a cook that made food for the hotel guests. Hotel rooms could still only be found on the first floor when the hotel was opened. In total there were sixteen rooms; eleven normal rooms, four rooms with shared sanitarian facilities and THE bridal suite, ‘The Garden of Eden’. De second and third floor still lied fallow at that time. In spite of the hard working, the first year was a prosperous one for the hotel. The formula appeared to be successful and in 1995 it was therefore time to expand. Earlier than expected the second floor was being prepared for use. This freed up space for another nine rooms. Besides this, ideas were being worked out for the next theme room, ‘The Tamarinde’.

Up until 1998 the place where the café now is was still being rented out to the cook. When he decided to quit, this area also became available and it was decided to create a hotel-owned café called ‘Grand Café Quercus’. Still the furnishing of the café was all but the end of the project. The four rooms that were sharing their sanitarian facilities on the first floor were now transformed into two more luxurious hotel rooms. One of these immediately became the newest theme room, ‘The Amber’.

Next to the Hotel, the Doelenplein had also been given a huge facelift. During the summer the entire square would fill with busy terraces inviting people to share in the coziness. The city of Delft had not been quiet either. A lot of luxurious apartments had been built in the surrounding area of the hotel. All these aspects had and still have contributed to the success of the hotel where people gladly and happily stay and work.

In May of 2007, the third floor was being built. With the coming of this floor, the hotel once more got enriched with four more theme rooms. Also on the second floor there was a lot of activity, three Plataan rooms each got their own theme resulting in the origination of ‘Atlantis’, ‘Eucalyptus’ and ‘Mangrove’.

In January of 2010 a third conference/meeting room was realized. This was the third and final possibility for expansion and because of finality of this, a new search started for ways to develop the hotel even further. This new way had quickly been found; the environment. A new quest to the becoming of a ‘greener’ hotel was initiated. The use of hotelsoap and small portion packaging was abolished and an environmentstreet was introduced for the separation of waste. The heating system was then also replaced with a small heat and power plant made from recyclable building materials. Hans had become a beekeeper and has his own bee population that still today provides fresh honey every year for the hotel. Marja was taking care of the gardening around the hotel. The chickens provided eggs for most of the year. Two ‘environmentally friendly’ rooms were being made out of recyclables. All these activities payed off when, in 2012, the Green Key certificate level GOLD was granted to Hotel de Plataan. Now, in 2018, Hotel de Plataan may proudly call itself ‘the greenest hotel in the Netherlands.