Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden The pride of our hotel! This spacious theme room contains an extra large round bed, a wonderful Jacuzzi with underwater color therapy and a sun shower. The theme of ‘the garden of Eden’ reflects the story of the earthly paradise in the bible. The theme is visualized by the unique decorations and furniture in the entire room and includes paintings on the walls and a romantic star sky on the ceiling. The room also has a separate shower and is equipped with a television. ‘The garden of Eden’ is perfect for a bridal night but can also be used for other occasions.

AmberWe present you our second theme room, ‘Amber’. In this room you find yourself in eastern atmospheres. The room is completely decorated in Eastern style, including original and interesting eastern accessories. Perfect for a romantical continuation of an unforgettable wedding day or another special occasion. You can dream on in a wonderful Jacuzzi from which you can see the entire room. The room is also equipped with many extras, such as a remarkable Turkish massage shower.

TamarindeOur next theme room is ‘Tamarind’; this is a tropical tree that can be found in Indonesia. During your stay in the Tamarind you find yourself on a deserted island, somewhere far away in a beautiful deep blue ocean. You can enjoy yourself in the wonderful Jacuzzi with underwater color therapy or you can get a quick tan in the sun shower. Because of the decorations on the walls it looks like you are miles out in the ocean. The sand colored floor and the star sky make the image of a romantic night on a deserted island complete. The room is also equipped with a separate shower and a television so you can relax. This theme room can be used as a bridal room but is also suitable for other occasions.

Blue spar
BlauwsparThis theme room, which is made in cooperation with ‘the Porceleyne Fles’, is connected to the rich history of our town Delft. The delft blue elements can be found in the entire room, including the bathroom. On the walls you can find town panoramas which are still recognizable. The room also contains a corner bath in which you can relax with each other after your cultural day in beautiful Delft. Or you can get a quick tan, enjoying our sun shower. And of course this room is equipped with a television.

Date Palm
DadelpalmYou are immediately impressed by the mystical atmosphere in this theme room. The Egyptian symbols, hieroglyphics and images of gods and goddesses surround you in the entire room. The spacious bath in the corner of the room invites you to relax which each other. Unfortunately we don’t have asses' milk, but we do have complementary bubble bath foam. The room is equipped with a sun shower for a quick tan and a television. The room has a lovely little balcony attached.

White Mulberrytree
Witte MoerbeiboomIn this theme room, the entire decoration is based on impressive China. The signs on the door and the unique sculptures and paintings make you believe that you are in a Chinese temple. Before you get a quick tan, using our sun shower, you can enjoy the spacious corner bath together. The room also contains a separate shower and has a television. The room has a lovely little balcony attached.

BaobabThis theme room is entirely decorated in an African style including Lions, elephants and traditional African clothing. You can relax in a large bath and find yourself on safari in Africa. You will have a beautiful view because of the detailed paintings on the walls! The room also contains a separate shower and has a television. The room has a lovely little balcony attached.

EucalyptusHave you ever wanted to go Australia? Now is your chance, in our Eucalyptus theme room. The atmosphere of the Australian Aboriginals is brought to life in this unique theme room. There is a large round bed and beautiful aboriginal paintings on the walls. You can experience the true 'Down Under' feeling with Koala bears and kangaroos. The room also contains a bath, a special sun shower for a quick tan and a television.

Giant kelp
ReuzenkelpDo you like the color blue? In our theme room 'the Giant kelp' you find yourself in the deep blue depths of the endless ocean, in the amazing underwater world of Atlantis. You will sleep among the many fish and beautiful sea plants on the walls. The room is divided by a small wall with a luxurious bathroom, including a wonderful corner bath. There is also a separate sun shower for a quick tan and a television.

MangroveOnce you open the door you will find yourself in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Watch out for the seven meter long anaconda above your bed! On the wooden platform you will find the bath where you can enjoy the beautiful views together. The paintings on the walls and the bamboo in the room will give you a true 'Jungle' feeling. Don't forget to get a quick tan in the wonderful sun shower. The room also contains a television and is very appropriate for a unique bridal night or other occasions.

Black alder
Zwarte elsThe interior and decoration of this room is part of the natural cycle depicted in the mural. The tree trunk bedside tables, the stuco and the linnen are made from natural materials which, when their life at the Plataan is over, are reabsorbed by nature. The lamps from empty bottles and the colourful panelling give waste materials a second life. The ecological approach that has been followed in this room is also reflected in the rest of the hotel (see Green Hotel). In the natural ambiance and healthy environment of this room you can come to rest with a clear conscience.


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