Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden The `Garden of Eden´ is our first theme room, made with unique paintings and decorations. This room is equipped with jacuzzi, big round bed, shower/toilet and TV.

AmberOur second theme room is the ´Amber´. This nice room is entitirely decorated in Eastern style. This room also has a jacuzzi, and a Turkish massage shower, a double bed and TV.

TamarindeThe ´Tamarinde´ is our third theme room, which is based on a deserted island. In this room you can enjoy the double shower together. Other facilities are a double bed, a bath and TV.

Blue spar
BlauwsparThe 'Blue spar' is based on the history of Delft. You can find Delft Blue elements throughout the entire room, even the bathroom is decorated with Delft Blue. This room is made in cooperation with 'de Porceleyne Fles'. On the walls you can find town views, which are still recognizable. In the room there is a large bath in which you can relax. The room is equipped with a bath and TV.

DadelpalmYou will be impressed by the atmosphere in this room. Everywhere in this room you will find Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics. Gods and goddesses surround you. The room is equipped with a bath and TV.

Witte Moerbeiboom
Witte MoerbeiboomIn this room, everything is based on the impressive China. The characters on the doors, the sculptures and the pictures, will give you the illusion that you are in a Chinese temple. This room is equipped with a bath and TV.

BaobabIn this room everything is based on Africa. Lions, elephants and African clothing's, you can find it all in this room. Take a nice bath and imagine that you are in an African wild park. The room is equipped with a TV.

EucalyptusAboriginal atmosphere with didgeridoos en kangaroos. The room has a large round bed and of course special Aboriginal wall paintings. The room is equipped with a TV.

KapokboomExperience a night under water in the underwaterworld of Atlantis. With Jaccuzi and TV.

MangroveSpend a night in a tropical rainforest. The large bath has a real waterfall and the shower is equipped with a sunshower. The room is equipped with a TV.


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