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A unique theme room in the center of Delft
One of the 14 themes; The Tree of Good and Evil
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Unique meetings
In the historical city of Delft
Hotel de Plataan | Unique terrace
New in Hotel de Plataan
Restaurant Gaia

One of many hotels in Delft, but the only one with a unique ”natural” appearance

Hotel de Plataan in Delft is a very friendly, welcoming, and stylish *** hotel with a unique character. Our hotel rooms include various Plataan rooms, themed rooms, and family rooms. The themed rooms make the hotel distinctive, but even in the Plataan rooms, you can enjoy a delightful getaway. The hotel is situated in the historic heart of downtown Delft. The market, museums, and other attractions are all within walking distance.

At Hotel de Plataan, you can truly feel at home. The hotel is a true family business, founded in 1994 by parents and now passed down to the next generation. We prioritize ensuring everyone feels welcome with us.

In the transition to the next generation, our cozy lounge café has been replaced by the brand-new restaurant Gaia. Gaia is located in the same building as the hotel and is also run by the family. At Gaia, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks! Our menu features high-quality classic dishes, but for more information, you can visit Gaia’s website.

In addition to accommodation, Hotel de Plataan is also the perfect venue for your meetings, gatherings, or workshops. You can choose from our three charming meeting rooms.

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The unique atmosphere of Hotel de Plataan can be found in all of our hotel rooms. Every room had been painted and decorated in a different way.

Restaurant Gaia

Our new restaurant Gaia is conveniently located within the hotel itself. This allows guests to enjoy a delightful breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our menu features high-quality classic dishes.


Hotel de Plataan is also the place to be for meetings and workshops in the Center of Delft. We have three different rooms to choose from.

A warm and cosy atmosphere

Hotel de Plataan has been run by the Meijer family for over 30 years. In 2024, Restaurant Gaia opened, conveniently located within the hotel. This allows guests to enjoy a delightful breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Gaia offers a menu featuring high-quality classic dishes—come and try it soon!


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