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Bicycle and hiking routes

Paths for biking and hiking in Delft and vicinity

Bike or Hike in and around Delft! Delft in itself is a beautiful city, but its surroundings are just as nice. We used different points of interest to construct several enjoyable hiking and biking routes of different lengths to ensure there is something for everyone! View them directly through the links below.

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Route 1: Royal palaces and estates

The first route has a length of 52,3 kilometers. This biking route will take you past some of the nicest royal palaces and estates in the vicinity of Delft and The Hague. But of course you will also pass the ‘Hofvijver’, ‘Het Torentje’ and ‘De Ridderzaal’ where the Dutch parliament houses. To the right you can see an overview of the route, but you can also view it directly through the following link: Fietsknoop – Royal palaces and estates.

Route 2: From Delft to Delfshaven and back

The second route is 44,5 kilometers long. The biking route starts in Delft where you will take off to go to Delfshaven. Delfshaven was founded in 1389 when the Delfhavense Schie (waterway) was dug to give the city of Delft a connection to the Maas. Around the sluice, a small harbor town emerged, named Delfshaven. It was called a ‘colony of Delft’ at that time. At the start of the 16th century, the population had risen to about 100 houses and 400 people. In 1960 the historical Delfshaven was declared a protected townscape. Both in Delft and Delfshaven, several monuments can be viewed or visited. The route also takes you through a part of the Rotterdam Harbour and along by the Maas. As an added bonus, you will also pass along the nature reserve ‘De Ackerdijckse Plassen’. To the right, you can see an overview of the route, but you can also view it directly through the following link: Fietsknoop – From Delft to Delfshaven and back.

Route 3: Westland, village, water and nature

The third route spans a length of 38,9 kilometers. This route is exciting because you will bike through the cities of the ‘Randstad’, but also right through nature. The route passes Maasland, Schipluiden and ‘t Woudt, three gems in the Westland; villages with a beautiful old historic centre. You will also pass the nicest waters with old farms and waving cane lands with many birds. Do make sure that the ferry-boat is in service! To the right, you can see an overview of the route, but you can also view it directly through the following link: Fietsknoop – Westland, village, water, and nature.

Route 4: Westland through and through

The fourth biking route is also the longest one with its length of 61,5 kilometers. A long bicycle tour around Delft for all the people who want to see as much of the Westland as possible. The biking route will take you to see a lot of greenhouses, which all house a great varieties of produce. You will pass through a few of the Westland towns such as Monster, Naaldwijk and ‘s Gravenzande. You will also pass the only strawberry vending machine in the country! You will be able to smell the sea from Monster, and then see it at Ter Heijde, where you can also find its sand engine. To the right you can see an overview of the route, but you can also view it directly through the following link: Westland through and through.

Route 5: Bird route

This bicycle tour is 41 kilometers long and is meant for all nature lovers visiting Delft. Nature lovers who love comfort and, as the Dutch say, “gezelligheid”, will find their way at Hotel de Plataan: right near the hotel are different bird items, including multiple kingfisher nests.

But… there’s more! Near the “Achterdijkse Plassen”, a colony of cormorants has been brooding for years. Here, you’ll also find large egrets, as well as countless ducks and geese in the winter. In the spring, there are redshanks, black-tailed godwits, pied avocets, and black-headed gulls. In the Delftse Hout a colony of spoonbills has been nesting right next to the bicycle path – easy for you to spot! You can find the bicycle route through the following link: Fietsknoop – Vogelroute 

Route 6: Bike past mills, Midden Delfland and the Maas

Biking through Delft also means discovering history! This bicycle tour brings you along past the gin-filled history of Schiedam as well as the green Polders of the Midden-Delfland. The bicycle route starts in Delft and proceeds into Schiedam through Vlaardingen, Maassluis, and Schipluiden through the Midden-Delfland back to the city center of Schiedam.

This biking path brings you past the most important parts of gin history: in the Korenbeurs, for example, the raw materials for gin were traded. These materials were processed in the oldest mill in Schiedam, the “Drie Koornbloemen”. Because the mills in Schiedam had to be higher than the surrounding buildings to catch the wind, you will find the highest mill in the world here too: Mill “De Noord” in Schiedam holds this record with its 33.3 meters. Discover the full history during this bicycle route:  Fietsknoop – Molens, Midden Delfland en Maas

Route 7: Small path through Delfland en Schie

Don’t want to go too far? This small biking route through the water-filled Midden-Delfland brings you past small villages like “Het Woudt” and “Zweth”. Of course, you will be biking along “the Schie” and through the historic heart of Delft. You can find the bicycle route here: Fietsknoop – Klein rondje Delfland en Schie

Route 8: Delflands Green and Water

You’d almost forget you’re biking through the “Randstad” because on this biking route you find a lot of green and water. Passing beautiful villages like Het Woudt, Maasland, Vlaardingen, and Schipluiden. Bonus: you’ll find yourself biking beside the Maas, looking out over the impressive Rotterdam Harbor. The biking trail starts and ends close to the Hotel. You can find the route here: Fietsknoop – Delflands Groen en Water

Route 9: Passing the Hague's Highlights

Bike through the city of The Hague, with a little bit of nature in the dunes. Highlights along the bicycle route include the Mauritshuis, Palace Noordeinde, the Binnenhof, the Scheveningen harbor, the Malieveld, and Huis ten Bosch. This biking trail includes important locations surrounding the Dutch Government. You can find the bicycle route here: Fietsknoop – Rondje Haagse Hoogtepunten


Route 10: The Highlights of Rotterdam

Bike through Schiedam and find the highlights of Rotterdam. Feel the freedom during this city-focused bicycle trail that takes you along the Maas. Highlights on this biking route include Delfshaven, the Euromast, the Erasmus bridge, the Museum Park, and the Cube buildings. This route is centered around iconic architectural buildings and offers a taste of everything Rotterdam has to offer. You can find the bicycle route here: Fietsknoop – Rondje Rotterdamse Hoogtepunten

Route 11: The Highlights of Gouda

Gouda, like the cheese! This bicycle route brings you past rural scenes and to the highlights of the city of Gouda. Here you’ll find the Sint Jan’s Church, the Gouda Museum, the Gouda canals, the museum harbor, and the kingfisher wall. Bringing city and nature together, you’ll find yourself biking through Zuid-Holland’s finest natural scenes. You can find this route here: Fietsknoop – Rondje Goudse Hoogtepunten

Route 12: The highlights of Leiden

Don’t want to choose between nature and city? Bike through natural scenes and find your way to old cities like The Hague, Leiden and Zoetermeer. Highlights along this route include Huis ten Bosch, Naturalis, the Leidse Waag and the most beautiful tree in Zuid-Holland. You can find the route here: Fietsknoop – Rondje Leidse Hoogtepunten

Route 13: City Walk Delft 1

Prefer walking? Discover the city center of Delft: this citywalk through Delft takes you along the beautiful spots the center of Delft has to offer. The walk is 7 kilometers long and takes about 2.5 hours. The complete description of this walk can be found at

Route 14: Citywalk Delft 2

Discover the authentic city of Delft! We have created a walking route through the city center for our guests. You can find the route on the image on the right, as well as on a map that is available for you at the front desk of Hotel de Plataan.

Route 15: Audiotour through Delft

A very special activity in Delft: walk past the inspiring locations where world-famous painter Johannes Vermeer (literally) left his mark. The 17th-century artist is known for painting the Girl With the Pearl Earring and was born and raised in Delft.

On this walking tour through Delft, you won’t just get to know the painter and his life in the city, but also Delft itself! You can buy the audio tour directly at