Family rooms

For the whole family

Surpise your children with a unique bedroom; a bunk bed, their own little TV or Mexican clothing…

Our family rooms will be a great succes for your family!

In these rooms you can stay with four, or in the Saguaro even with five persons. The special theme will make your stay unique.

White Willow

In this room, you will find all kinds of recognizable natural materials. Your children will sleep in an intimate corner, which has a bunk bed and a small television for them. This will give you, as an adult, a bit more privacy.

Family rooms

  • Saguaro

    The Saguaro is a real recommendation for everyone who likes cheerful colours. You are surrounded by the Mexican theme in the smallest details; Mexican murals, draperies and sombrero’s.

  • Black Alder

    The tree trunk bedside tables, the stuco and the linnen are made from natural materials which, when their life at the Plataan is over, are reabsorbed by nature.

  • White Willow

    This 2 till 4 persons familyroom, suitable for two children and two adults, has the name White Willow and is a true adventure for the wind and water lover.