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Date Palm

Date Palm

You are immediately impressed by the mystical atmosphere in this theme room. The Egyptian symbols, hieroglyphs and images of gods and goddesses surround you in the entire room. The spacious bath in the corner of the room invites you to relax with each other. Unfortunately we don’t have asses’ milk, but we do have complementary bubble bath foam. And ofcourse the room is equipped with  a television. The room has a lovely little balcony attached. The double bed is provided with individual electrically adjustable beds.

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dadelpalm muur dadelpalm kamer2 dadelpalm kamer

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Plataan rooms

The very unique character of Hotel de Plataan is reflected in our rooms. Each room is decorated and furnished in a different and unique way.

Other themed rooms

  • White Willow

    When you enter the room, you are surrounded by a recognizable dutch climate: the wind rustles trough the willows and the water flows through the oldfashioned water wheel.

  • Baobab

    This theme room is entirely decorated in an African style including Lions, elephants and traditional African clothing.

  • Eucalyptus

    The atmosphere of the Australian Aboriginals is brought to life in this unique theme room.

We do it for the environment, but the recognition is nice!

If you make conscious choices to be a hotel as green as possible, you do it from an ideological point of view. Hotel de Plataan is self-conscious of her duty to make a green fee. We do this for ourselves, but the recognition we see as a compliment and as motivation to improve this even further.