A unique hotel



The atmosphere of the Australian Aboriginals is brought to life in this unique theme room. There is a large round bed and beautiful aboriginal paintings on the walls. You can experience the true ‘Down Under’ feeling with Koala bears and kangaroos. The room also contains a television and seperate bathroom with a big shower and a toilet.

eucalyptus Eucalyptus muur Eucalyptus kamer2 Eucalyptus kamer


View the room in 360 degrees:

Date Palm

You are immediately impressed by the mystical atmosphere in this theme room. The Egyptian symbols, hieroglyphs and images of gods and goddesses surround you in the entire room.

Other themed rooms

  • Tamarinde

    The tamarinde is a tropical tree that can be found in Indonesia. During your stay in this room you find yourself on a deserted island, somewhere far away in a beautiful deep blue ocean.

  • Mangrove

    Once you open the door you will find yourself in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Watch out for the seven meter long anaconda above your bed! On the wooden platform you will find the bath where you can enjoy the beautiful views together.

  • Black Alder

    The interior and decoration of this room is part of the natural cycle depicted in the mural. The tree trunk bedside tables, the stuco and the linnen are made from natural materials which, when their life at the Plataan is over, are reabsorbed by nature.

We do it for the environment, but the recognition is nice!

If you make conscious choices to be a hotel as green as possible, you do it from an ideological point of view. Hotel de Plataan is self-conscious of her duty to make a green fee. We do this for ourselves, but the recognition we see as a compliment and as motivation to improve this even further.