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Meeting room Orange tree

Up to 12 people

Meeting room Orange tree

A comfortable meeting in Delft

This meeting room is ideal for a small-scale group. The meeting room can accommodate up to 12 people and includes free WiFi. You can rent a flipchart and / or beamer. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch buffet in our living room café or a nice drink after your meeting.

Get in touch

Tel: +31 (0)15 212 60 46

Photos of the meeting room

View the meeting room in 360 degrees

Prices of the meeting rooms

including coffee and tea, maximum of 36 persons

Meetingroom per day € 99,00
Flip-over per day € 10,00
Beamer per day € 30,00
Wi-Fi access free

The price per day is €99,00. In the first 4 hours, coffee and tea is included. When your meeting takes longer than those 4 hours, there we be €6,00 added per person for coffee and tea.

Prices lunchbuffet per person

With this list you can put together your own lunch.

One sandwich € 5,50
Two sandwiches € 10,00
Soup € 5,50
Salad € 4,50
Snack € 4,50
Satay with garnish and bread € 9,00
Milk/Orange juice/water(unlimited) € 4,50
Cake € 1,75
Hot snacks € 4,00
Sodas € 3,10

Regular meetings outside the door? Then it might be a good idea to get a regular status with us. This means that you will receive 10% dicount for every meetingroom or hotel room you book.
Interested? Please contact Hans Meijer: +31 15-2126046

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We do it for the environment, but the recognition is nice!

If you make conscious choices to be a hotel as green as possible, you do it from an ideological point of view. Hotel de Plataan is self-conscious of her duty to make a green fee. We do this for ourselves, but the recognition we see as a compliment and as motivation to improve this even further.

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