the Tree of Life according to Norse mythology

Yggdrasil, hotel room with a view over the roofs of Delft

Everyone who steps into the tree of life – also known as Yggdrasil by the Norse mythology – imagines themselves in another world. The tree of life is symbolic for the endless branched form of existence. The roots root in the underworld straight through the human world and its branches reach to the world of the gods and heroes. In this mythologic decor a (rain)shower and a separate bath are located. Through the window you have a view over the roofs of Delft. Beneath the window there is a desk. The room has four beds and a couch (with an extra bed a max. of 5 persons). From the bed you can watch TV.

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Experience the world of kangaroos and koala bears! The Eucalyptus is all about Australia.

Other theme rooms

Themakamer Witte Moerbeiboom

White Mulberrytree

In this theme room, the entire decoration is based on impressive China. The signs on the door and the unique sculptures and paintings make you believe that you are in a Chinese temple.
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Themakamer Reuzenkelp

Giant Kelp

Do you like the color blue? In our theme room ‘the Giant kelp’ you find yourself in the deep blue depths of the endless ocean, in the amazing underwater world of Atlantis.
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Boom van Goed en Kwaad

Garden of Eden

The pride of our hotel! This spacious themed room has been equipped with an extra large round bed and a wonderful Jacuzzi with underwater color therapy.
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We do it for the environment, but the recognition is nice!

If you make conscious choices to be a hotel as green as possible, you do it from an ideological point of view. Hotel de Plataan is self-conscious of her duty to make a green fee. We do this for ourselves, but the recognition we see as a compliment and as motivation to improve this even further.

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